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Leader of the boys idol unit group Callings. He has brown hair and violet eyes. He is also the designer of Prism Stone, Aira's favorite shop. He is a reliable leader and tends to give Aira advice from time to time, even though he can snap sometimes. He is in his first year of high school along with Hibiki and Wataru. He finds Aira interesting. It is shown that when under pressure he can snap, like he did at Aira when she talked about his design for his upcoming deadline. He had asked and given Aira advice on what her dream really was. Shō kissed Aira's forehead in the first episode after she performed her very own Prism Jump and fell on him. He is impressed by Aira's fashion sense and likes to tease her. He is actually afraid of dark places that surprised Aira and made her laugh. Shō has told Aira that he is in love with her in episode 34 but won't act on his feelings as long as he is in Callings. Their love continues in Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future. Shō's Prism Jumps are "Infinite Hugs" (ムゲンハグ Mugen Hagu?) (ep. 10) and "L-O-O-K" (マ・ナ・ザ・シ Ma-na-za-shi?) (ep. 30).[1]




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