Reina Miyama
Reina Miyama


Reina Miyama

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A very sensible 14 years old girl, Reina often has to stop Mia from charging straight ahead. However, she is also very sensitive. Reina has wavy light brown hair, always in twin tails. She has the strongest singing skills in Prizmmy☆. She had a crush on Itsuki Harune, Aira's younger brother. Reina's Prism Jumps are "Crystal Splash" (Episode 3, 7) and "Mune Kyun Taiken" (Episode 5, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 22, 24), "Heartful Splash" (Episode 5), "Sparkling Blooming Love Flowers" (Episode 19, 22), "Lovely Perfume Splash" (Episode 20, 21, 25), "Renai Explosion" (Episode 22, 26, 27), "Sweet Honey-Chu Kiss" (Episode 33, 36, 41), "Tokimeki Memory Hug" (Episode 44), "Act Trying" (Episode 5), "Prism Act" (Shall We Dance?, performed with Ayami and Jae Eun, Episode 27), "Prism Act" (Shall We Love? Propose!, performed with Ayami and Jae Eun, Episode 33), "Prism Act" (One-way Road, performed with Ayami and Jae Eun, Episode 36).[1]




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