Karin Shijimi
Karin Shijimi


Karin Shijimi

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A 13 years old girl with a candid personality, Karin Shijimi makes everyone around her cheer up. Karin has short brown hair, which is always in a side tail. She causes a lot of trouble for others, but she is thoughtful. She holds the skill for wonderful dance. She loves to move her body. Karin has eight younger brothers. Her Prism Jumps are "Heartful Splash" (performed with Ayami, Episode 3), "Heartful Splash Perfect" (Episode 4), "Crystal Splash" (Episode 4), "Fun Fun Heart Dive" (Episode 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13), "Heart Arc Fantasy" (performed with Ayami, Episode 19, 20, 21, 24), "Galactical Galaxy Shower" (Episode 26, 32, 37), "Prism Stone Fantasy" (performed with Ayami, Episode 41, 43), "Galactical Galaxy Dive" (Episode 44), "Act Trying" (Episode 4) and "Prism Act" (Daisuki! A Lovely Thank You, performed with Hye In and Shi Yoon, Episode 28).[1]




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