Kanon Toudou


Kanon Toudou(藤堂花音)

Age in Aurora Dream



Kyoto, Japan



First Appearance in Aurora Dream

First Appearance in Dear My Future

Episode 20

Episode 1


Don't Give Up



Best Friend/s

Serena Jounouchi


Hibiki Toudou

Voice Actor

Satomi Akesaka

Pretty kanon

Kanon Toudou

Kanon Toudou is a Prism Star and one of the members of Serenon, along with her best friend, Serena Jounouchi, the Prism Show duet, a member of the Serenon manzai duet as the "tsukkomi" (lit. jab) of the group, and Callings member Hibiki's younger sister. She is quite obsessed with her brother, not letting any woman get near him. This is exactly why she has such a problem with Rizumu, even secretly following Rizumu and Hibiki back to her home with Serena to stop Hibiki from getting close to Rizumu. She also ripped open a letter Rizumu wrote to him right in front of him and read it. Rizumu and Kanon, obviously, bump heads a lot.

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